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What’s also great is that most of these recipes are prepared in under 45 minutes, so you can enjoy your special day without spending hours in the kitchen.

14 Valentine’s Day Pasta Recipes for February 14th!

1) Drunken Spaghetti Recipe (Red Wine Pasta)

Drunken spaghetti garnished with parsley.Drunken spaghetti garnished with parsley.

This unique pasta recipe, known as ‘spaghetti all’ ubriaco’ in Italy, is ideal for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. It involves cooking spaghetti in red wine, creating a dish with plum-colored noodles and a sweet and spicy wine flavor.

Despite its name, most of the alcohol content evaporates during cooking. This recipe has various regional adaptations in Italy. For instance, in Tuscany, nutmeg and sugar are added, while in Sicily, red onions are a common ingredient. Some chefs, like Alessandro Borghese, even add edible gold leaf.

2) Orzo Risotto with Gorgonzola

Orzo risotto with gorgonzola and topped with roasted grapes and fresh pear.Orzo risotto with gorgonzola and topped with roasted grapes and fresh pear.

This recipe is a fusion of two popular Northern Italian dishes involving Gorgonzola – serving it with pasta and in risotto. It features orzo pasta cooked risotto-style (risottata), resulting in a creamy dish resembling risotto.

This simple yet luxurious dish requires only a few main ingredients and packs a lot of flavor. A perfect Valentine’s Day pasta dish!

3) Pasta with Truffles and Mascarpone Cream

Valentine's Day pasta with truffles and mascarpone cream.Valentine's Day pasta with truffles and mascarpone cream.

This decadent pasta dish, combining tagliolini with truffles and mascarpone cream, is a prime example of rich Italian flavors. Requiring only four ingredients besides the pasta, it’s surprisingly simple to prepare, taking just 25 minutes.

The rich and elegant flavor profile makes this recipe an excellent choice for romantic dinners, particularly on Valentine’s Day, when you want to impress someone who appreciates the unique taste of truffles combined with the creamy texture of mascarpone.

4) Farfalle Pasta with Smoked Salmon & Zucchini

Farfalle pasta with smoked salmon and zucchini.Farfalle pasta with smoked salmon and zucchini.

This elegant yet easy-to-make dish combines creamy farfalle pasta with smoked salmon and zucchini. It’s suitable for both special occasions and everyday meals when you want to treat yourself.

Farfalle, also known as bow-tie pasta, is one of the oldest types of egg pasta, originating in the 16th century in Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. Interestingly in Emilia, housewives invented strichetti (today’s farfalle) as a way to use up the pasta dough they had left over after making filled cappelletti.

5) Pasta with Calamari and Tomatoes

Valentine's Day pasta with calamari and tomatoes.Valentine's Day pasta with calamari and tomatoes.

This dish is an excellent showcase of Italian seafood cuisine, blending the delicate flavors of calamari with the freshness of tomatoes. It’s an ideal Valentine’s Day pasta recipe for both seafood lovers and those new to calamari, promising a rich and satisfying experience.

The preparation is straightforward and can be completed in about 40 minutes, making it a practical choice for both busy weeknights and special date nights.

This recipe reflects the Mediterranean culinary tradition, particularly from Southern Italy, where seafood is a staple. It includes simple yet flavorful ingredients like garlic and white wine, typical of the region’s cuisine.

6) Spaghetti with Smoked Trout Carbonara

Smoked trout carbonara on a plate garnished with black pepper.Smoked trout carbonara on a plate garnished with black pepper.

Inspired by a recipe from a Michelin-starred restaurant on Lake Garda, this spaghetti with smoked trout carbonara is a unique twist on traditional carbonara. It’s easier to make than it appears and is a hit with guests.

This dish combines the refined taste of smoked trout with the creamy texture of a classic carbonara and is ideal for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day.

7) Pansotti Pasta with Walnut Sauce from Liguria

Pansotti pasta with walnut sauce.Pansotti pasta with walnut sauce.

Pansotti, similar to cappelletti or tortellini, is a stuffed pasta from the Italian Riviera in Liguria, Northwest Italy. It is traditionally filled with ricotta and a blend of herbs and greens.

This exquisite recipe of homemade pasta paired with its signature walnut sauce, makes for an ideal Valentine’s Day dinner. The combination of creamy ricotta and aromatic herbs, complemented by the rich, nutty sauce, creates a luxurious dish that is sure to make your dinner special.

8) Cheese-Stuffed Agnolotti Del Plin

Agnolotti del plin pasta in a bowl.Agnolotti del plin pasta in a bowl.

Agnolotti del Plin is a type of fresh pasta from Piedmont in Northern Italy. It is traditionally filled with meats, vegetables, or cheese. Resembling ravioli, agnolotti del plin is known for its unique shape, achieved through a rolling and pinching technique.

Agnolotti del Plin is perfect for a romantic dinner like Valentine’s Day. It offers a delightful blend of rich flavors and delicate textures, making it an ideal dish to share with someone special.

The versatility in fillings allows for a personalized touch, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

9) Homemade Corzetti Pasta with Marjoram and Pine Nuts from Liguria

Homemade corzetti pasta with marjoram and ine nuts.Homemade corzetti pasta with marjoram and ine nuts.

Corzetti, also known as corzetti del levante or croxetti, is a unique stamped egg pasta from Liguria. Originating in Medieval times, these pasta medallions were often stamped with family coats of arms using the traditional wooden molds.

This recipe combines corzetti with marjoram and pine nuts, exemplifying the elegant simplicity of traditional Ligurian cuisine. A very unique Valentine’s Day pasta recipe.

10) Best Italian Potato Gnocchi Recipe

Potato gnocchi with a creamy cheese sauce in a bowl.Potato gnocchi with a creamy cheese sauce in a bowl.

Originating from the Alpine valleys of Piemonte (Piedmont), this traditional potato and cheese gnocchi, known locally as gnocchi della Val Varaita or ravioles de Melle, is served in a creamy cheese sauce and dressed with browned butter.

These gnocchi are a staple at special occasions like baptisms and engagement parties. Unique for their spindle shape, the gnocchi are made by rolling dough pieces by hand, a method referred to as ‘raviulè’ in ancient Piemontese dialect. A must-try for cheese lovers!

11) Gnocchi alla Romana

Gnocchi alla Romana in a baking dish.Gnocchi alla Romana in a baking dish.

Gnocchi alla Romana, a traditional Roman dish made from semolina, is a celebrated example of pre-or non-potato gnocchi. These rich but light gnocchi are perfect for any meal, from family gatherings to elegant starters or side dishes.

In this classic Roman recipe the gnocchi are simply dressed with butter and cheese. However, there are numerous variations, including sauces with béchamel, mornay, four cheese, or mixed with meats and vegetables.

12) Fagottini Pasta in a Cherry Tomato Sauce

Fagottini pasta with eggplant and mozzarella in a cherry tomato sauce.Fagottini pasta with eggplant and mozzarella in a cherry tomato sauce.

Fagottini, translating to “little bundles” in Italian, is a charming stuffed pasta variety often found in central and northern Italy. It’s crafted by encasing various savory fillings, like eggplant and mozzarella, inside small pockets of pasta dough.

Served in a vibrant cherry tomato sauce, this dish is perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, offering a blend of delicate and rich flavors in each meticulously crafted pasta parcel.

13) Tagliolini al Prosciutto di San Daniele

This creamy and rich pasta dish from Friuli Venezia Giulia features prosciutto crudo wrapped around delicate egg pasta ribbons. Tagliolini al Prosciutto di San Daniele, known for its luxurious and elegant flavors, is an excellent choice for special occasions.

The melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto together with cream and poppy seeds create an enjoyable and indulgent meal, that’s a super choice for a Valentine’s Day pasta.

14) Linguine Pasta alle Vongole (Linguine with Clams)

Linguine alle vongole garnished with parsley.Linguine alle vongole garnished with parsley.

Linguine alle vongole, an iconic Neapolitan seafood pasta dish, tops the list of Italy’s beloved seafood recipes. This particular recipe, cherished for its generous use of garlic and peperoncino, brings out the exquisite flavors of the clams.

This is an ideal choice for a romantic seafood Valentine’s Day pasta recipe, offering a classic and flavorful seafood experience that’s sure to impress.

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Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes.Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes.

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